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Message  Olympic Wings le Jeu 11 Fév - 8:13:03

Salut dear pilots,

Let us encourage you to come fly with us in Greece!

We professionally organize and offer paragliding holidays to schools and clubs since 1995 for pilots from all over the world, all-year round and in addition we have set the dates in 2016 for special Paragliding Events in Greece which you may find interesting.

Bruce Goldsmith XC seminar once more at Mount Olympus - 04.06. to 11.06.
East to West Greece Fly Safari Olympus & Pindos - 11.06. to 18.06.
SIV workshop with Alain Zoller from Air Turquoise / Paratest Kalamata - 23.04. to 28.04.
South Greece Fly Safari Peloponnese & Delphi - 29.04. to 07.05.
XC Seminar with Simon Kirsch & Moselglider Mount Olympus - 27.08. to 03.09.
APPI pro workshop with Manu Bonte Mount Olympus - 03.04. to 12.04.

You can find information on our web site searching for Olympic Wings.
Feel free to visit our facebook page Olympic Wings - Paragliding in Greece for the latest pictures of our flying!

Mount Olympus and our flying sites
Olympus with its highest peak Mytikas at – 2.917 m – is the highest mountain range in Greece and the famous home of the Greek Gods. It is located directly next to the Aegean Sea with its long coast lines and sandy beaches. This region presents two different landscapes, the gentle green northern slopes that expand to the sea and the dry arid southern side towards the flatland.
Our flying area covers the three mountains Pieria, Olympus and Kissavos that form a longer range parallel to the sea separated by impressive valleys.
These mountains protect our area throughout the year from strong meteorological winds so developing their own local wind systems which we use for flying. Our region is not immediately affected by meltemi - strong north winds of the Aegean Sea during the summer months – we use its influence for long soaring flights at our northern sites.
If you are an experienced pilot the southwestern areas will offer fantastic XC and thermalling opportunities. You can use the flatland of Thessaly for FAI triangles or go on a XC back to the beach.
Low airtime pilots will enjoy the smooth conditions of the northern areas that can be ideal to experience first thermal flights.

We want you to "FLY HIGH – FLY SAFE and always LAND GENTLY".

Greetings from the Olympic Wings team!

Olympic Wings

Féminin Nombre de messages : 4
Age : 31
Localisation : Mountain Olympus, Greece
Type de voile : Anakis 3
Date d'inscription : 10/02/2016

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